2018 Alignment Speakers

You Are Here: Building Your Church for Community Impact

Your church building is one of the most powerful billboards you have for communicating your presence and purpose to your community. Are you leveraging this asset to its fullest potential? Are you communicating that you’re a church both in and for the community?

At this year’s Alignment Conference, we’ll take a deep-dive into the intersection of culture, leadership, ministry, and facilities. We’ll help you evaluate whether or not you’re maximizing your built space for the good of your community, and ways to create ministry space for community impact.


Explore the ways in which your church is–or isn’t–reflecting and responding to your community’s culture.


Learn how to develop leaders within your church who are focused on reaching into your community.


Develop a strategy for being a church that’s in and for the community.


Discover how to create ministry space for community impact.

Questions We’ll Explore at 2018 Alignment

How do we communicate our place and purpose within the community?
How should we structure our leadership team to support our vision for community engagement?
How can we cultivate generosity within our church for a vision of serving our community?
Are there facility changes we should make to support the services we provide to our community?
Is there a way to design our ministry space so that it helps support and accelerate our strategy to make and multiply disciples?
Is a multisite strategy the best way for us to gain more influence and impact within our community?

And more!

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